Our vision is that all LGBTIQ+ people can access inclusive and safe health care.

How do we hope to achieve this vision? We are a team of passionate community members working on DocDir — a searchable map-based directory of LGBTIQ+ inclusive and affirmative health services in Australia — because a comprehensive national directory does not exist.

Why this matters

We know that LGBTIQ+ people delay seeking healthcare, experience stigma, discrimination, and perceived or actual threats to safety, with many not being out to their doctors, and many having to educate their doctors on LGBTIQ+ health needs.

Community members tend to rely on whisper networks, asking for inclusive doctor recommendations from their social circles. If people are not out in their lives and/or if they do not engage with the wider LGBTIQ+ community, it may be difficult for them to know which doctors have the knowledge and understanding to support their healthcare needs.

Sexual health clinics and LGBTIQ+ specialised services also often have long waiting lists, and are primarily available in metropolitan areas, so the ability to search for safe and accessible health services in your local area is something our community needs.

The Directory

We are currently building the directory and will be launching in 2020.

In the meantime, you can join our mailing list to keep informed of our launch event, and help us help the community by recommending your inclusive and affirming doctors, and letting us know what is important to you to include in the directory.